YhmcoSS Series

DAJA Customized SCST


The Special Chemical Storage Tank (SCST) manufactured by DAJA is designed to provide safety, purity, convenience of operation, economic. When distributing a hazardous production material to a number of use points. These tanks fit all the requirements of Semi-conductors Manufacturing, Special process of Electronic Manufacturing, Optoelectronic Materials and Components Manufacturing, Solar cell Manufacturing and related equipment Manufacturing.

DAJA Customized Special Chemical Storage Tank (SCST) is manufactured under these specifications:

  • EP treated inner surface with roughness Ra<0.13μm
  • Super-clean procedure with:
    low oil residue(<0.01mg/ft2),
    low moisture content (<10 ppb),
    low oxygen content(<10ppb)
  • Particulate level: 0.1μm<1pcs/scft
  • Welding under controlled environment without surface oxidation and discoloration.
  • Helium leakage of Tank <1x10-9atm•cc /sec
  • Pressure test with 1.5 times of working pressure