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Industrial Division Butt-Welding Pipe Fittings:

Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap, Stub End, etc.

Trade mark:YHMCO
UHP Division High Purity Components:

Pipes, Fittings (Elbows, Tees, Reducers)

SCF Super Clean Fittings (Face Seal Fittings, Micro Fittings, Lok Type Fittings, CGA Fittings)


Trade mark: DAJA

Production Equipments

  1. 30 sets of newest Hydraulic Forming Machines - Hydraulic pressure 20-2000 tons.
  2. 25 sets of Dedicated Beveling Machine.
  3. Complete molding equipments - more than 1,300 types of molds from 1/2" to 48", weighted above 1,500 tons in total.
  4. 15 sets of made in Japan, Germany and USA Machines - Auto Cutting (Sawing) Machines, Welding Machines, Union-melt Welders, Furnaces and etc.
  5. Other - Spiral Polishing Machines, Vertical High Speed Machine Centers, Okuma CNC Lathe Machines, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments, Electro Polishing Equipments, and etc.

Inspection Equipments

Various sizes of Precision Gages, Hardness Testers, Manual and Hydraulic Pressure Testers, Metallurgical Microscope Testers, Universal Material Testing Machines, Spectrometers, Roughness Testers, High Indictors, Water Pressure Indicator, PH Meters, Refract Meters, Conductivity Meter, Air Particle Counters, Horizontal Projectors and other inspection equipments.